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Scotland’s success depends on its digital skills

24/01/20 - 13:04

Businesses in every sector are seeing the benefit AI, data and digital technology can bring to help streamline processes, open up new markets and create new solutions. The thirteen thousand technology roles advertised in Scotland in 2019 reflects the growth in demand for digital workers. In order to cope with this growing demand, businesses must ensure that people are equipped with the right skills.


To be successful in the next industrial revolution we must undergo a new education and skills evolution. This means that education must be refreshed and developed, allowing digital workers to acquire new skills. To support this idea, government, industry and the education sector must drive the idea of life-long learning. Embedding digital skills starting from primary school, throughout the curriculum, will mean there is a clear pathway into digital skills at every level. Access to such skills means that it should be so easy that people can upskill or reskill around commitments at any time.


By taking a multi-agency approach, alongside the education sector, we will be able to fill thousands of technology jobs within Scotland, allowing Scotland to enjoy the full potential economic and social benefit.


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