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The 10 worst jobs, lots of UK workers unhappy and other miserable stats

13/08/14 - 12:28


It's the middle of the week, summer is over and apparently nobody likes their job, it's the perfect time to get a little bit miserable. Enough of these really positive news stories about the booming economy, and time for some doom and gloom!


According to a recent survey of 2,000 UK workers by Kalixa Pro, 49% say they are looking to change jobs. Only 7% say they are very happy with their current job. More interestingly 24% say they aren't very good at their jobs! Worst of all, 44% said they don't get paid enough.

Are you any of these people? If so, contact us!


On the same survey they have managed to source the 10 worst sectors to be in, which are:

1. Legal
2. Manufacturing
3. Hospitality
4. Property
5. Environmental services
6. Health
7. Telecoms
8. Construction
9. Finance
10. Government/public services