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Permanent vacancies up 24% according to latest APSCo data

08/07/14 - 12:30

More encouraging news on the UK jobs market has come from through from the latest APSCo report which has just been published.


Their research shows that the number of professionals finding work through their members has increased by 33% compared with the same period last year. They suggest that recruitment has hit a new high.


To coincide with this, latest research from the ONS (Office for National Statistics) shows that the UK's economy is now out competing even pre-financial crisis levels. The data shows that business confidence is at its highest for 22 years!


APSCo's Chief Executive, Ann Swain has commented on the "triple peak" of jobs, business optimism and economic output helping the growth, "A ‘triple peak’ in the latest key economic indicators is fantastic news and confirms that there is now real momentum behind the UK’s current growth. Our data also highlights the pivotal role that professional recruitment firms are playing in providing the labour market flexibility that makes rapid expansion possible. Clearly top talent increasingly sees recruitment as an exciting and rewarding profession that also plays a critical role in enabling the UK’s future success."


As well as a strong increase in the demand and successful supply of professional individuals on a permanent basis, the latest APSCo statistics also show that the use of contract staff has increased - they are up 10% on the same period last year.


Good news, unless you are recruiting!