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Boom in UK mobile apps industry puts us 1st in Europe

27/06/14 - 12:41

This week, The Guardian reported some great news about the UK mobile application development industry. Did you know that the UK generates more revenue from mobile application development than any other country in Europe?!


The industry is expected to generate an astonishing £4 billion this year in the UK alone. That's a third of the entire European market. Considering we only make up around 10% of the population, that's pretty impressive. The report says it is set to grow to £31 billion by 2025, with the global market worth £40 billion last year, and growth expected at 27%.


* There are now 8,000 companies in the UK involved in UK mobile applications industry, employing some 380,000 people.

* Of those, there are an estimated 75,000 application developers and designers, with 35,000 doing ad-hoc consultancy to the market

* Average salary for developers is estimated at £47,000 (call us if you want a new job!)

* We are also big app "downloaders" (I've made that word up) in the UK with 250,000,000 downloads per month. That's 4 per person per month!


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