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What is your hiring process?

Written by Lawrie Revel
02/04/19 - 11:23

Seeing the recruitment process day in day out, you wouldn’t be surprised to learn some clients take the initiative much better when the best talent becomes available.


Now this isn’t to say that their position isn’t the most suitable fit for prospective candidates or even that they offer a package that blows their competitors out the water.


Those that consistently perform the best appreciate that the “client candidate” relationship especially in recent years has drastically changed.


It may seem obvious, but it seems to be a common theme online that clients who have a simplified recruitment process in place are able to take the initiative when time becomes the most crucial. If a highly sought-after candidate comes on the market it would be naive to believe that your role is the only position they’re interviewing for and interested in. If you can show candidates you’re installing urgency throughout the process it goes a long way to showing them they’re wanted.  


You may not be surprised to hear that the market for example a CI/CD Automation DevOps engineers in Edinburgh is competitive…


What you may be surprised to learn is companies who have specific requirements for these types of people don’t treat it as such. When someone in my position can so quickly spot a candidate, who sticks out from the rest, having a process where CVs need approval from hiring managers across the world before they are invited for phone interview will ensure you struggle. Agility is vital in today’s hiring landscape.


These themes continue throughout the hiring process. If you’re spending too long completing multiple telephone interviews, varying technical tests and completing compatibility forms then your competition will be stealing the initiative from you.  


Even once these phases have been navigated, you’re not out of the woods yet. Offering someone a position is the last but possibly the most challenging hurdle. Hesitating now one someone has jumped through all the correct hoops can leave the candidate with a bad taste in the mouth. If they’re so perfect, why are you not jumping to hire them, or even worse low-balling them on their salary. It leaves room for someone else to snap them up.


It’s never been clearer that speed, agility and doing things precisely makes a massive difference.


Lawrie Revel

Consultant | Infrastructure | Networks | Support

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