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The Two Page CV Myth

25/02/14 - 15:57

I often read through the CV of an experienced candidate, and notice it is nothing more than a chronology of company names – with a few key skills, little more than key words and phrases.

When I then talk through this scant document with the candidate, generally the reason given for the lack of task and project detail is that they have had it drummed into them (more often than not from a school careers advisor 15 years ago) to keep their CV to two pages.


Please can we debunk this myth!


Recruitment consultants and employers want and need to see examples of your relevant experience, and how your career has developed through various different projects, promotions, technology changes and role progression. A two page often does not allow this detail, especially if you’ve been in the business for years, even more so if you’ve ever done contract work.

I’m not suggesting that you blot up the quill and write war and peace, but there is no reason an experienced candidate’s CV, when concisely structured, shouldn’t run to four or five pages.