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The top 10 jobs parents want for their children - IT in top 5!

09/09/14 - 12:32


My son is desperate to be the next Wayne Rooney. Well, actually, he's hoping to be the next Fernando Torres but I don't like to admit that easily. The bigger question is what career do I really want him to have? Well the obvious answer is a .NET Software Developer, or maybe a contract Oracle HR / Payroll Functional Consultant in London so he can look after his old man when he's past it (possibly sooner than I'd like). So what do all the other Mums and Dads want?


Virgin Media have kindly conducted a survey to see what careers we crave for our children. The results!:


  1. Doctor, 49%
  2. Engineer, 45%
  3. Lawyer, 43%
  4. Tech entrepreneur, 38%
  5. App developer, 35%
  6. Vet, 32%
  7. 999 crew, 21%
  8. Banker, 18%
  9. Professional sportsperson, 16%
  10. Musician/Artist, 16%


The good news is that the IT / Digital Sector gets two in the top five and make up a combined 73%! This is a fantastic indication of the high profile industry we work in.


I'd love Virgin Media to survey the under 7s to see how closely their aspirations match their parents...