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Technology Survey 2020

Written by Cathcart Associates
31/08/20 - 16:04

2020 has been a unique year, thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and its effect on the job market, working life, economy and much more. It’s clear that it won’t be a year we forgot any time soon.

But what does that mean for the tech sector? Whether you’re a candidate, or looking to hire? We held the first of the Cathcart Associates Tech Surveys this year, to dig deeper into what factors are influencing the top technology talent in the UK to change jobs, take new roles and what skills and tech they’re most excited about.

So what did we find out?



48% of Javascript developers who responded to our survey prefer working with React, and nearly all of the Javascript respondents prefer working on Mac as opposed to Windows.

We asked people which things they most wanted to work with, and it's no surprise that Machine Learning came out on top with 34% of people choosing it. In second place was React, with 31%.

It seems contractors and permanent employees are not so different - only 7% of contractors said money was the most important factor for them when deciding on a new role, while permanent employees were similiarly disinterested in salary. 75% of permanent employees chose Culture as the most important factor, while 67% also picked Technology.

A huge 88% of people who responded to Cathcart Associates Tech Survey 2020 have a degree or some form of higher education, compared to 42% of the general UK population (HESA, 2018).

Finally, while we wanted to keep it positive for the tech sector, we had to ask! Which tech is most likely to put candidates OFF from applying to your roles?

  • • Fortran 41%
  • • Pascal 40%
  • • WinForms 37.58%
  • • Delphi 36.06%
  • • MatLab 28.5%
  • • WPF 28%


We'll be releasing more data from the Tech Survey in the coming weeks - keep an eye on our social channels to be the first to hear it.


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