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Tech Recruitment at the heart of Scotland

Written by Abbi Hutton
07/11/18 - 10:18

Edinburgh, the heart of Scotland, is known for its recruitment success. Recruitment Grapevine spoke to Sam Wason and Gordon Kaye, Co-managing Directors at Cathcart Associates to ask them about their experiences.


The Directors were asked what they love about Edinburgh, both explained the city has huge opportunities to promote a thriving “meet-up”. Both having attended many client events, it is proven to be a huge success. This year the ScotML event was very successful in terms of the importance for the tech culture.


Sam and Gordon also both expressed their problems in recruitment in and around Edinburgh, they explained there is a lack of “flexibility” between clients and candidates. People in Edinburgh want to travel a shorter distance for work which lacks the chance to interview talented individuals. Whereas, in Manchester more people are open to travelling and go that extra mile.


Is there a positive future in the recruitment for Edinburgh? Of course. Edinburgh has one of the best informatic schools in not only Edinburgh but the whole of Scotland. This could be useful in years to come for the recruitment industry.


To read more, please see: https://www.recruitmentgrapevine.com/publications/magazine/october-2018/2018-10-01-recruitment-in-edinburgh