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Tech Jobs Scotland Event - a positive step in addressing Scotland’s IT skills shortage!

25/03/14 - 13:09

Last week, thirteen of Edinburgh’s most prestigious technology companies attended a jobs fair in London organised by Edinburgh’s City Council. The aim was showcasing Edinburgh as a world leading technology hub and attracting new talent to Scotland.


This event sees leading technology companies in Scotland addressing the very real skills shortage that we currently face, and it’s encouraging that action is being taken. This event was targeted both at graduates and experienced technical individuals, with the understanding being that Scotland needs to attract all levels of talent for the industry to continue to grow.


With events such as this, and the recent investment to aid IT growth from within Scotland (http://bbc.in/1dGmfzI), very positive steps are being taken to address the skills shortage. Edinburgh already has a world leading reputation for technical innovation – if we can address the skills shortage then there is no stopping the continued growth prospects of the IT industry in Scotland!