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Supporting Candidates

Written by Salla Hanninen
30/06/20 - 11:09

This blog is very much inspired by a real-life story that I heard from a candidate of mine last week and there have been a few of these similar tales circling around in the past few weeks.

My candidate was recently left without a job, and two weeks ago they decided to send an application to a software company. They breezed through a very quick interview process, and landed themselves a final stage interview, which went incredibly well. "We will be in touch", the company told them afterwards.

Well they were in touch indeed, telling them that their recruitment is on hold until September at least, but if they can just "hang in there, that would be great".

I happen to know that the company already had their recruitment on hold a month ago.

As everyone can hopefully understand – these are rather crucial times. We are living in a time of a global pandemic and economic uncertainty. It is very difficult to get your hands on to one of those crystal balls that could help you predict the future, but here is the newsflash – the future will come nevertheless, so I reckon we should all try to navigate through this time with as much integrity as we possibly can.

People will remember the way that companies presented themselves through this time for many years to come.

I understand that it might have taken a while for companies to adjust to whatever the new normal is for them. Maybe there were issues with communication or absolute misunderstandings, but please do not invite candidates to interviews if you have no intention to hire them for a long period time, unless this is something you have negotiated about prior to the start of the process. It is wasting their time and your time, and now more than ever, we cannot afford to be giving people false hope.

If you are unsure on how to proceed with recruitment, and would like to talk about your plans, please get in touch with Cathcart Associates. We are happy to discuss your business and hiring plans, and support you to find the right path forward.