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Scottish Employment Rates Up

12/06/14 - 12:57


The latest report has been released by the Office for National Statistics showing positive news for the Scottish economy.


If you love looking at lots of numbers on spreadsheets check this out: (www.ons.gov.uk/ons/rel/subnational-labour/regional-labour-market-statist...)


Here are the highlights:

* 16,000 more people working in Scotland in the last quarter

* 48,000 more employed against this time last year

* There's now 2,578,000 employed in Scotland

* 7,000 less unemployed in the last quarter

* 10,000 less unemployed in the last year

* Number of people claiming job seekers allowance has fallen for the nineteenth consecutive month (lowest since December 2008)

* Employment rate up by 0.5% to 73.4%

* Employment rate higher than UK average of 72.9%