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PyData 2018

12/11/18 - 12:41

Having been involved with the first PyData in Edinburgh on the 1st February 2018, it is brilliant to see the event continue to blossom and thrive. Last night we enjoyed the 9th meetup (Europython took over July’s event) at the brilliant offices of SolarWinds, just off Lothian Road. As always, the list of attendees was full, plus a lengthy waiting list. It’s so exciting to see the interest grow and grow.


Last night we heard from Regina Berengolts, Head of Data Science at TV Squared. It’s great to see so many pivotal figures in the Scotland data science scene get involved simply to grow the data science interest across Scotland. It is also extremely encouraging to have no less than five different people agree to a five-minute lightning talk – a PB thus far, further demonstrating the growing interest. The whole event is run by volunteers to help make it happen, so if you have a slight interest in Python or Data and are intrigued, head along! Although a lot of the topics are very high level and highly technical, I enjoy heading along and trying to get my head round as much as I can! Having said that, for anyone with an understanding of Python or Data, this is definitely something for you. The talks cater for all levels, from University students up to Senior Data Scientists and CTOs.


We already have venues agreed for the next two months and speakers lined up until March. We are however always looking for new companies to host and people to chat, so please get in touch with me (hamish.niven@cathcartassociates.com) if you want to get involved or know of anyone who might be keen. It’s a great way to associate yourself with data science in Edinburgh and nobody forgets who gave them the free beer and vegan-friendly pizza! A huge mention must also go to the organisers including Sam Rhynas and Nick Radcliffe from Stochastic Solutions, who have done all the handwork getting the Scottish chapter off the ground.


To sign off, I can’t recommend highly enough the event if you have an interest in data science and want to learn more. Free food, drink and an endless amount of knowledge in one room… what could be bad about that?


Hamish Niven

BI/Analytics Consultant