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Nearly there, only 900,000 more coders needed

15/08/14 - 12:20

The European Commission have announced that Europe will be facing a shortfall of 900,000 IT professionals by the year 2020. As such, they are urging people to taking up coding this summer.


The EC have stated that more than 90% of professional occupations require "some ICT competence". [Who are the 10% that don't?!] But the number of graduates with required skills is well short of demand.


Neelie Kroes is the European Commission's Vice President for Digital Agenda and he has stated that coding is the literacy of today and the key to enable the digital revolution.


Positively, they have sent a letter to EU Education Ministers to try and persuade them to encourage more children to take up coding.


At least it's not just the UK that's behind! Hopefully these new stories can help push us into action and encourage more "digital learning" for our children.