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Is your hiring process broken?

Written by Benedict Price
04/03/19 - 11:21

Speak to anyone looking for a new job right now, and they can probably reel off an almost infinite number of hiring horror stories.

Whether it's not getting feedback on a CV for two weeks, or being called in for that crucial sixth stage interview (WTF?!).

While we can sit and laugh about how many times culture was mentioned in 30 minute phone call, or how many times the recruiter told you "how exciting the role is" (we all do it). There are serious implications to a broken hiring process...You will miss out on the best people.

We've all heard a million times how competitive the technology market is for experienced staff (and yes it true that the candidate you're speaking to has the luxury of choice and will be interviewing you as much as you are them) so let’s not make it so difficult to hire someone.

Maybe the first person you speak to for a new job is great; they tick all the technical boxes, are 100% your type on paper – they even ask how many bean bag chairs are in the break out area. Sounds good yeah? So…

  • Don't make a decision next week -                They'll be gone.
  • Don't ask to see a "couple more CVs”           They'll be gone.
  • Don't tell the recruiter they're too expensive, and try to low ball them, because guess what…                   They’ll be gone.

If you like someone, they like you, and they can do the job… Hire them now.


Who's to blame for the hold up? Recruiters will tell you it's the hiring manager. Hiring managers will tell you it's HR. HR will tell you it's Finance. It's a vicious circle of excuses and passing the buck, because we all like to blame someone else.

The responsibility is joint and it's probably everyone's fault, and ultimately no-one wins.

Oh no, wait… Except for your competition with the slicker process who act quickly and hire that first person who was great because they know how difficult hiring can be. In 2019, agility in the hiring process is vital.


In a market where demand is greater than supply and the candidate is interviewing you as much as you're interviewing them, ask yourself can you afford to make them wait?


Benedict Price
Consultant | Contract Software & Web Development