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Is it even worth advertising jobs in IT?

Written by Michael Burrell
14/08/19 - 14:18

Have a look on any job board / company website or social media platform and it won’t take you very long to be bogged down in blocks of text describing a multitude of roles and the “amazing”, “industry leading” and “competitive” opportunities they offer.

While it seems an absolute given that when you have a position in your company that needs filled, you’ll write up an advert (or steal a HR template) and post to as many job boards as you can afford, they can be especially expensive for one off adverts compared to a recurring plan generally employed by recruitment firms. Do you feel you’re getting a good return on investment when you post directly?

There has been a noticeable decline in the number of relevant CVs coming from advertisements – particularly for highly competitive markets like DevOps and Cyber Security (Source: Purely anecdotal from me).  After spending your budget, time and effort on writing the perfect advert – you’re then left in limbo while you wait for a candidate which may or may not apply.  All the while your project deadlines are slipping away, and the work piles up.  In the last six months, the majority of those that I’ve successfully helped find a job have been “passively” looking rather than direct applicants.

There is a flip side to this issue too, depending what kind of role you’re advertising, you may find yourself with too many applications. That sounds like a nice problem to have but, honestly, who has time to sift through 100+ applications. This might not be a problem in niche roles like DevOps and Security but fire up an advert for a 1st/2nd line Engineer and watch your inbox fill up with dozens of unsuitable applications. I don’t know any Technical Managers, Senior Engineers or HR Professionals with too much time on their hands as they are busy working on the day job. …

It's never been easier to apply for jobs with the advent of “one click apply” and “swipe right” Tinder style mobile apps which I believe has potentially lowered the quality of your responses. Understandable, as the applicant needs a job so has adopted a wee bit of a “scatter-gun approach”.

So take in to consideration that one credit to post a job on S1 Jobs is £299 + VAT which is still just one job board, your time to continually monitor applications and also the fact you’ll be likely to get called by more recruiters than candidates (my bad!), is it really worth it?

As always, I have an angle. I have the time and resources to post on 15+ UK / European job boards, source candidates using a specialist recruitment tool which trawls the internet for suitable candidates and have access to a candidate database that has been built up over the past 10 years.

The beauty of it is, I’ll do this all absolutely free and only receive a fee if we successfully fill your role so it could work out cheaper than hiring directly….