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Effective CVs with Girl Geek Scotland

Written by Rhona Kennedy - Senior Recruitment Consultant
05/04/19 - 09:18

Last night saw another incredibly successful Girl Geek Scotland event; the workshop on effective CVs. Modulr were our hosts for the evening and sponsors of the pizza and drinks (pre-panel talk glass of wine was especially welcome!).


The panel was made up of me (representing Agency Recruitment), Eva Meikle from Craneware an extremely experienced Recruiter who works in-house, and Dave McCraw Director of Engineering at Calero. I hope that we managed to give a balanced view on what Recruiters/Hiring Managers are looking for when they view your CV and some handy tips from our many years of combined experience in recruitment!


My five top take-home tips from the panel session:


1 Your CV is a marketing document. Its purpose is to sell you enough to secure an interview. It may not come easily to you to big yourself up – but you need to do it. Ask friends/colleagues for help with words that describe you.


2 An obvious one; check your spelling and grammar.


3 Your CV is probably reviewed for 6-7 seconds – make sure your vital information is front and centre and easy for the reviewer to access.


4 Be concise. Choose your words wisely. Write in a succinct manner – and then take more out. Like, Coco Chanel said “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off”…but for CVs.


5 KISS – keep it simple, stupid. Keep your formatting simple; stay away from headers/footers, text boxes/columns


We then broke into smaller groups for a more focused discussion on CVs. Hot topics covered included; how to address gaps on your CV, how to format your CV if you’re a career changer and CV writing for those in the early stages of their career.


I recently wrote a slightly more in-depth article recently (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/crafting-perfect-cv-jobs-tech-rhona-kennedy/) on CV writing which might also help anyone revamping their CV, or anyone who missed last night’s session.


My personal thanks to:

Sam, Gail, Anne-Marie – the Girl Geek leadership team

Our gracious hosts Modulr and their very swanky offices

To the Girl Geek members for being such a kind audience – public speaking is not my bag and your smiling faces really helped!


Here’s to another brilliant event next month when Girl Geek Scotland will be tackling “your online self” – I look forward to some tips on curating a professional yet authentic online persona!


Feel free to chip in with any other tips you picked up from the evening, or advice for crafting the perfect CV!