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Does Employer Branding Attract Better Candidates?

05/08/14 - 13:45


Apparently not.


The surprising news has come from CEB, a leading member-based advisory company.


Their research shows that 78% of companies surveyed across the globe have undertaken formal employer branding projects over the past three years but this has only resulted in more applications as opposed to better applications. And it's not just that the more people are applying to jobs anyway. The median applications rose by 33% but the quality ones only rose by 28%.


The CEB's conclusion is that companies need to create a brand that will create the best candidates to apply, whilst putting off inappropriate candidates. They say this will increase quality applicants by 54% and therefore quality of hire by 9%.


We see a good example of this as being the recent "99.99% need not apply" campaign by the Royal Marines. Tricky to implement this into your Software Development recruitment campaign however...