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Developers are not testers

Written by Erin Donnelly
09/08/19 - 15:03

Maybe you don’t undervalue testers, and maybe you do. But the fact remains, that despite shifting attitudes, testers and testing are still seen by a large amount of the technical industry as secondary to software development.

And it’s true, you can’t have a tester without a developer, or some software in the first place, but testing is as important as every other part of the software development life cycle.

‘Our developers do the testing.’

No. Developers are not testers. 

It is a completely different mindset. Developers are creating, and testers are breaking, and pushing something to its limits. 

Imagine creating a beautiful painted ornament, which you’ve spent all your time doing - inside and out it’s a masterpiece - and then someone asks you to smash it? And then you fix the cracks, better than before, and you think because you’ve made the ornament, you know all it’s flaws and you made sure they were sorted, but then someone asks you to see if you can ruin it by scraping really hard at the paint? But you haven’t tried that, because there’s a glaze on it, so surely it’s fine?

Maybe not the most perfect example, but you get the gist. It’s very hard to test something you have created because a) it’s your masterpiece and b) you know it, inside out and so you can’t view it objectively. 


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