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COVID-19: Hiring will be the first thing to stop, but it should be the last!

Written by Erin Donnelly
17/03/20 - 09:00

Unless you’ve buried your head in the sand, you won’t have escaped the mass of emails (from that one shop you bought something from once) and news articles about the current coronavirus situation.

Quite quickly, I am seeing hiring plans being affected with roles being put on hold.

But, this is the worst thing you can do. Your hiring needs, and projects are still going to be there in three months or however long you put things off for, and are probably going to be even more urgent.

Everyone else is also putting things on hold so it’s the perfect time to reach potential new employees who might be snapped up by your competition or by someone who can offer more money. You’ll have access to skilled technical people that you wouldn’t normally, who are also more likely to be available to have interviews because they’ll be working from home and not have to try and get time off from work.

By continuing with hiring plans now, you’re essentially giving yourself the best chance of getting the best people in the door.

Chances are, companies will start to hire again at roughly the same time and on top of an already tough market with a lack of candidates, everyone will be looking at once.

Don’t dismiss online interviews either. We all know in person interview is ideal, but a Skype video call allows you do all the same things that you would normally do in an interview.

I’m not a doctor, but happy to chat through how COVID-19 is affecting tech companies and hiring and how to navigate this. You can reach me on 0131 510 1500.

P.S An interesting link chatting about this topic: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-51847888