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Could I get some code with that?

Written by Josh Barker
23/10/18 - 16:14

Do you identify as a Developer, Software Engineer, Web Developer, or indeed a Web ninja (definitely not a thing is it?) If you do, stop writing such detailed CVs.


*Readers GASP* - that’s right, an IT Recruiter, telling you to put less detail in your CV. What is this madness?


No matter if you are a front-end specialist, a backend engineer, a middle tier expert or full stack developer – rather than wasting your time with swathes of text telling us recruiters and clients what you do - why not show off some code!


After all, this is what the people hiring you (should) care about.


Now I appreciate it isn’t always possible to show the stuff you are currently working on due to NDAs, inability to access it etc. or you just can’t be arsed. But, if I could give you one bit of advice, it would be to have some examples of code on GitHub or some sort of repository, portfolio or website.


From your point of view, hopefully this is music to your ears, as after all, you aren’t paid to write paragraphs of text, you are paid to write short, clean code – so why not use that to get you a job?!


So why am I banging on about this?


  • From what I’ve seen, companies will review your CV and get back to you twice as fast if you have a couple of repositories, well presented portfolio or website.


  • You’ll have loads to talk about in the interview too – with the discussion most likely to revolve around the code / test sample / portfolio YOU have created!


  • Some code could get out of doing one of those tech tests! So instead of frantically cracking out code in an interview room, share some that you created back home or from a more relaxed situation!


  • Finally, just this morning one of my clients said that if a candidate has examples of their work, it automatically puts them ahead of others (who don’t) in regards to professionalism, clear pride in their work / career and that they should be taken seriously.


Surely some food for thought there?


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Josh Barker

Recruitment Consultant

Software Development, Test and Design