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Adding value to the Recruitment Process in 2013

19/03/13 - 11:10

Some say that in the internet age, the traditional recruitment consultancy might become outmoded. However, we’re very keen to stress that as a boutique supplier of Professional Services, we’re here to stay.


We’re very confident that we offer an invaluable and irreplaceable service to our clients in the recruitment process. Yes – in the modern world there it seems easier for recruiting companies to “go it alone” and recruit without the help of Recruitment Consultancies like us.  Social Media, easy access internet based job boards and LinkedIn may seem to offer an easy route for companies to find staff, however, this is making life more complex for recruiting organisations, not easier.


The idea that the recruitment industry can be “disintermediated” by modern technology is a myth. Where we add value is by having an intimate knowledge of the process, the sector and the candidate community, not merely by chucking up an advert and forwarding the response. If that’s your idea of all a recruitment consultancy does, then great, have a go yourselves… good luck!


What Cathcart Associates does is different. We truly understand what you want (as opposed maybe to what you think you want), and we understand what’s possible given the market conditions. We know what makes a “special” candidate – it’s all we do all day every day, so we know where the real valuable people are, and how to get them interested in you. And we understand the process – we know what can and does go wrong in the recruitment process, and we can guide both parties through this minefield so both parties get what they want.


And we do it all no-win-no-fee… so even if you’re not convinced, you can put us to the test for nothing!