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A Bright Tech Future

08/08/19 - 17:18

The UK is providing to  be one of the most exciting and opportunistic countries for tech talent, with ever-growing opportunities for those seeking positions within the tech sector. However, it is not necessarily solely for  ‘Developers’ and those alike, with sought-after skills evolving constantly. Tech companies are creating varied positions such as HR, sales, account management, legal and finance – this is reflected, with over 2.1 million working in digital tech in 2018. This sector is expanding so much so, that they are considered a bigger employer than the hospitality, construction and financial services sector.


By analysing job adverts the following article demonstrates the high demand for tech jobs, the evolving nature of the digital world and the changes in demands. With the amount of UK employment roles and demand for jobs rising, it is reported that the tech industry is expanding 2.6 times faster than the rest of the UK economy and the demand for roles within the digital technology sector has grown by 1.5x over 4 years (2015 - 2018).  It truly is an exciting time to be working within and seeking for a position within the tech industry.


See more: https://technation.io/bright-tech-future/#cost-of-living