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6 minutes and 25 seconds to nail an interview (and what else to do!)

23/06/14 - 12:40


According to research just carried out by job board Monster.co.uk, on average, employers make their mind up about a prospective candidate within just six minutes and twenty five seconds of the interview. Half of employers surveyed said that they make up their mind about a candidate by their handshake! Here are the key stats and what to do and not do:


* Have a good handshake - half of employers use this to decide if they are going to employ you

* Dress well - six out of ten employers said that dress sense affects whether they think the candidate is employable or not

* Get the lasers out or cover yourself up - two third of those surveyed said that they are immediately put off by tattoos

* Stare at them lovingly - 82% want eye contact

* Give them some quality chat - 60% are impressed by the ability to have small talk or "banter"

* Get the guyliner out - apparently 70% make impressions by the way you apply your makeup


The good news is that the number one attribute employers look for is experience (36%), followed by first impressions (24%) then education (12%).


And it's not all one way! Of the 3,280 employees surveyed, 70% are also influenced by first impressions, 60% are likely to decide on the position by the interviewer’s handshake and 50% see the employer's dress sense as a differentiating factor!