NLP Engineer - Tech Start-Up
Salary: £30K - £65K per annum

NLP Engineer - Tech Start-Up

NLP Engineer wanted by a brand-new start-up in the heart of Manchester's Northern Quarter. This is a rare opportunity to work hand in hand with the CTO as they flesh out an industry changing product to some of the world's biggest companies.

The Role:

To avoid too much hyperbole & bullsh*t bingo, this role will be a lot of hard work. There is no real structure in place as of yet, you and the CTO will bounce ideas off each other constantly, some won't ever come to fruition. There will be nights you work to 10pm to get things finished and you will have tight deadlines to meet - some might say impossible. If that puts you off, it isn't the role for you. If that excites you and you're up for the challenge, read on …

However, the flip side of all of that is that you get the chance to build something from the ground up; be involved in a company which already has multi-million-pound deals signed with big corporates to use their product and they're just getting started. The proverbial surface hasn't even been scratched.


The CTO is happy to speak to people who have just graduated from an NLP heavy degree or equally someone with years of experience under their belt and just fancy a change of pace - which this will be.

The biggest thing he is looking for someone who is happy to stand up for themselves and be able to articulate your ideas to him rather than simply 'take orders'.

The Product:

Without going in to too much detail, the product they have developed can essentially be used by any organisation which has a lot of money passing through them - e.g. gambling organisations, investors, banks etc.

The product allows them to identify inherent risks from individuals, companies or anyone in between. The NLP 'stuff' comes in with the massive amount of data each customer holds but also from searching various sources for patterns that can be used to analyse each profile.

Package & Process:

The salary and package is as of yet undefined, mainly due to the fact we can look at people straight from Uni - circa £30k+ or indeed an experienced NLP Engineer/Consultant, circa £55k+.

As a result, please don't hesitate to apply and we can discuss the full package.

In terms of process, the CTO can make time before work, after work, over lunch - whenever really, to grab a coffee/beer off-site and basically have a chat. He is very easy to get on with, wants to know more about your background both from a professional point of view but also personal. He wants to get on with the people he works with, especially as this role will essentially be his right-hand (wo)man.

All going well, he'll set up a chat with the Ops Director and the Product Manager to make sure everyone is on the same page. This process can be done within the week for the right person - he's not messing around with this role.

Click on the link to apply and contact Liam at Cathcart Associates for a chat.

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