Who are the top 5 tech companies in Scotland to watch out for this year?

07/04/17 - 10:58

A recent report highlights that the technology sector is by far, taking the lead in the economy today. Edinburgh is continuing to see many tech companies follow in the footsteps of their very successful counterparts, Skyscanner and Fanduel.

“There’s no doubt Edinburgh has helped to put Scotland’s technology sector on the world map and the city can act as a getaway to the rest of Scotland given how well-connected the industry is here” according to Polly Purvis, chief executive of ScotlandIS.

Scotland are still very focused on achieving their digital strategy to become a world-class digital nation by 2020. This is definitely within sights but unsurprisingly will incur some challenges along the way.

Read more about Scotland’s digital strategy and the top companies to keep an eye on in 2017: http://www.insider.co.uk/special-reports/insider-special-report-technology-review-10172756]

A special mention to the five companies in particular who are outstanding: snap40, Sensewhere, sTraveltek, PureLiFi and Swipii.


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