Skills shortage continue as big data booms in Thailand

05/04/17 - 14:13

"The digital transformation of organisations and intense competition in businesses are forcing companies to embrace big data and analytics technologies,"

Managing Director of Teradata Thailand, predicts that data science is set to boom in Thailand in the very near future and in particular it will be the growing sectors of energy, retail, utility and transport that will reap the benefits.

Teradata worryingly admit there is a real lack of data scientists in Thailand with the shortage being as low as 300-400 data scientists. They have started plans to target this and more resources are being implemented to support the development of their digital-driven economy. The company has started to build links with leading universities to encourage more opportunities to study data science. The hope is that in time this will target the shortage and accommodate the new generation of technology in Thailand.

To read more about Thailand’s plans to embrace big data, please follow the link below:

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