Employers urged to invest in staff development

12/07/17 - 14:19

The skills shortage in the UK is becoming a worrying statistic for many employers who have hit a brick wall trying to find workers with the required skills.

Many companies are now paying “well above market rate” in order to attract those reluctant to leave their current employer.

“Some 56% of the firms surveyed said they had had to increase the salary on an advertised role to get the skills the needed over the past year.

For small and medium-sized firms, the average increase was £4,150.00, while for larger firms it was £5,575.00, according to the survey.”

A huge factor of the increasing skills gap is the uncertainty of Brexit and the affect this will have on the economy. As a result this has caused many EU nationals to become more wary of moving across. The lack of clarity over the imminent change in immigration rules is the main factor of the sharp decrease of EU workers in the UK over the last three months.

Steve Hill, The Open University’s external engagement director, is urging companies to review their recruitment and staff development programs:

“Now faced with a shrinking talent pool, exacerbated by the uncertainties of Brexit, it is more important that employers invest in developing their workforce”

Read more on this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-40475702

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